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Having lived, worked and played across the subcontinent, I deeply respect how diverse Indians can be. 

Religion, culture, language, food, lifestyle, interests - the books are filled with cliches enough. 

Yet, I find one thing that unites us all - our unique driving skills.

These skills (or lack thereof), kill more fellow Indians each year, than all other causes of un-natural death. This MUST change. 

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Why bother
Many years under that belt
Yes, let me attempt to hustle the elephant in the room. India isn't really known for her 'driving skills' or 'traffic sense'.

I use inverted commas to highlight my 'disbelief' that this is the case, because I believe. Yes, I believe we can drive better than we do now.

If my credentials have impressed you by now (probably not), you'd realise that I've spent a lot of quality time thinking about the obvious. We all talk about the traffic in India, and how badly we drive. 

Yes, I know the old line 'If you can drive in India, you can drive anywhere'. Errr, not really, actually... Apparently, Indian drivers say that to themselves, but very few sane transport authorities allow us to act out this fantasy elsewhere in the world.

Yet, can we change, or dare I say, improve? Do we want to?

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